Azure AD Domain Services – SKU updates

What’s new in the world of Azure AADS SKU’s.

Recently (31/01/2020) Microsoft has made a couple of changes to the way that Azure AD Domain Services are being consumed and billed.

Previous version:

When deploying a new Azure AD Domain Services instance, you weren’t able to provide any type of SKU. The following tiered pricing was being applied to your AADS instance based on the amount of objects.

So if you started with a brand new instance of Azure AD Domain Services, you would end up with the standard tier. Generating about € 96.72 when calculated with 744 hours of uptime. Depending on the amount of objects, you would tier up to the Enterprise grade.

Tier based pricing previous AADS release

Current release:

As with the “new” release of AADS the tier based pricing hasn’t changed much.

Tier based pricing
Tier based pricing overview AADS

! But be aware, that if you are using the same deployment scripts as you did before, you will end up with an Enterprise SKU level of AADS by default.

! Note the additional option to create a resource forest, which what I believe was included in the previous pricing model, starting from a Standard SKU. To review the latest changes with regards to Azure AD Domain Services, be sure to check out the latest docs article.

Note the price difference

Standard Pricing Tier
Enterprise Pricing Tier

Discover your current SKU level with Azure Resource Graph

If you are an MSP managing multiple customers via Azure Lighthouse, you can use Azure Resource Graph Explorer.

Use the following query to identitfy in Enterprise SKU AADS instances.

where type == "microsoft.aad/domainservices"
 | where properties.sku == "Enterprise"

Azure Resource Graph – Enterprise AADS Query

If all is good, you should’t see any results.

Results Pane

Just to verify that your instances are on a Standard Tier. Run the following query.

where type == "microsoft.aad/domainservices"
 | where properties.sku == "Standard"
Azure Resource Graph – Standard AADS Query

You should now see the “Standard” SKU enabled AADS instances.

Results Pane
Discover your current SKU level in the Azure Portal

Navigate to your Azure AD Domain Services Instance and select SKU

Verify that you are running on a Standard Tier. If needed change to your required Tier based on the necessary requirements.

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