How to clean up replica disks after VMWare Virtual Machine migration with Azure Migrate

During the lifecycle of an Azure IaaS migration project with Azure Migrate, it is advised to perform some additional cleanup actions once you have migrated a certain set of virtual machines. The migration process The following migration process is usually followed when migrating VMWare VM’s to Azure IaaS VM’s with […]

How to fix “The Azure Migrate unified appliance is in a disconnected state, Ensure that the appliance is running and has connectivity before proceeding” issue

When re-hosting or migrating traditional IaaS servers located on VMWare you might encounter one of the following issues when trying to setup your replication towards Azure. The case You have a single Azure Migrate appliance, which you have used to perform the suitability analysis and you’ve enabled the same appliance […]

How to fix RD Client iOS error code 0x3000015 for Windows Virtual Desktop

Many of you who tried out the new iOS Remote Desktop client app to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop might have encountered an error during subsequent attempts when adding a new workspace to your RD Client app. 0x3000015, a screen smasher for sure! To avoid hitting the repair shop for […]

Teams on Windows Virtual Desktop (TeamsOnWVD Powershell Module)

In this post I want to guide you in how to install Microsoft Teams (Machine-Wide) on Windows Virtual Desktop with a very easy to use powershell module called TeamsOnWVD. Why? Let me first set the stage and the reason why I’ve written this small powershell module. When browsing the web […]

Moving your data to a serverless infrastructure with Azure Files and Active Directory Authentication (Preview)

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced the public preview of Windows Server Active Directory authentication / integration for Azure Files. Make sure to check-out the introduction video by Will Gries (Senior Program Manager) and Thomas Maurer (Senior Cloud Advocate) This is probably one of the most requested feature releases […]

Azure AD Domain Services – SKU updates

What’s new in the world of Azure AADS SKU’s. Recently (31/01/2020) Microsoft has made a couple of changes to the way that Azure AD Domain Services are being consumed and billed. Previous version: When deploying a new Azure AD Domain Services instance, you weren’t able to provide any type of […]

Virtual Datacenter Concept | 3 of 10 | Resource Groups

Welcome back to the Azure Virtual Datacenter Concept blog post series. In our previous posts about naming conventions and Azure Governance, we’ve defined our rules of play. Now it’s time to start populating our Azure environment with some Resource Groups. Let’s talk resources! When deploying new resources in Azure, they […]

Virtual Datacenter Concept | 2 of 10 | Governance

This blogpost is part of a series of Azure Virtual Datacenter Concept blog posts. Today let’s focus on probably the most important pillar of the Azure Governance scaffold: Azure Governance.We will talk about Azure Policies and auditing, resource tagging, managing subscriptions, locking down resources and role based access controls. What’s […]

Virtual Datacenter Concept | 1 of 10 | Naming Conventions

This blogpost is part of a series of Azure Virtual Datacenter Concept blog posts. Let’s talk about one of the key pilars from the Azure Governance scaffold: naming conventions Understanding which resource, what is does and where it is located Naming standards and conventions have been around for decades. They […]

Virtual Datacenter Concept | Introduction

This blogpost is part of a series of Azure Virtual Datacenter Concept blog posts. The following series of posts is a direct reference to the Virtual Datacenter Concept provided by Microsoft as part of the Cloud Adoption Framework. My intention is to provide you with a holistic overview, lessons learned […]