How to fix “The Azure Migrate unified appliance is in a disconnected state, Ensure that the appliance is running and has connectivity before proceeding” issue

When re-hosting or migrating traditional IaaS servers located on VMWare you might encounter one of the following issues when trying to setup your replication towards Azure.

The case

You have a single Azure Migrate appliance, which you have used to perform the suitability analysis and you’ve enabled the same appliance in the migration project as well.

Which means that we will be targeting an agentless migration.

The issue

The Azure Migrate Virtual Appliance ‘appliance name’ is in a disconnected state, please verify network connectivity.

The resolution

The following troubleshooting steps should help you resolve this issue.

  • Step 1: Verify agent health on the appliance
  • Step 2: Re-run the configuration wizard and verify your settings
  • Step 3: Re-enter your Azure Credential
  • Step 4: Restart de replication and gateway services

Run the following commands in an administrative powershell or cmd prompt.

Net Stop asrgwy
Net Start asrgwy
Net Stop dra
Net Start dra
  • Step 5: Verify service health

Check your connection status in the Appliances blade of the Azure Migrate resource on the Azure Portal.

Ready to migrate

Thank you!

Thank you for reading through this blog post, I hope I have saved you some time on researching the disconnected state issue.

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